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Case Study: Wrong place, wrong time, wrong haircut… right lawyer!  

Written by Harun Martin

One of our clients was wrongly arrested in connection with a recent murder in Tooting. The client, aged 17,  had been walking 50m away from his home when he and his group of friends were stopped by the Police. Our client was told that he matched the description of the main suspect and thereby arrested for murder. The murder had… [...]


Guide to Emergency Protection Orders

Written by Rosita Mendonca

An Emergency Protection Order (also called an EPO) is an urgent order granted by the Court if the local authority has satisfied the court that a child is in immediate need of protection from significant harm or a risk of significant harm.  These types of applications are usually issued by a local authority. They can follow situations where the police… [...]


How To Avoid Summer Holiday Contact Issues

Written by Rosita Mendonca

With summer holiday’s around the corner,  it is imperative to consider the legal implications of taking your child abroad and or agreeing to holiday contact arrangements. We are aware of situations arising where children with different surnames to the parent they are travelling with,  have been stopped at the airport by officials requiring proof that the other parent consents to the… [...]


Men Are Victims of Domestic Abuse Too!

Written by Rosita Mendonca

While the overwhelming assumption is that domestic abuse victims are female, research from Mankind Initiative highlights some concerning statistics: For every three victims of domestic abuse in the UK, one will be male 13% of men (aged 16 – 59 years old) have suffered a form of domestic abuse since the age of 16 In 2017/18, 4.2% of men (approximately… [...]