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Expert public order defence strategy prevents criminal conviction

Written by Sarah Moulange

Sarah Moulange and Noam Almaz acted for J, a young man who was involved in an altercation with the staff in his building and was subsequently charged with a Public Order Offence. J accepted that his behaviour, although out of character, was unacceptable. He was surprised when, after his police station case (where he was represented by a different duty… [...]


Youth Crime & The Law

Written by Harun Matin

Our youth crime lawyers have a successful track record of defending young people (i.e. those under the age of 18). We have dealt with offences including but not limited to violence, drugs, firearms, sexual allegations, Public Order Act, murder, gang-related crime. Youth Courts are situated in most Magistrates’ Court buildings. The Youth Court is a separate part of the court… [...]


Successful appeal against extradition to the Republic of Ireland

Written by Sarah Moulange

Extradition Lawyer Noam Almaz & Trainee Solicitor, Sarah Moulange acted for B, in successfully appealing her extradition to the Republic of Ireland where she was accused of committing over €70,000.00 worth of benefit fraud. B accepted that she had committed benefit fraud and that she had fled Ireland because of the potential Court Case. However, she explained that she had a… [...]


Care Proceedings & Social Services Legal Advice

Written by Rosita Mendonca

In case the Local Authority’s Social Services Department become involved with your family, we can help you through all stages of the investigations. Sheena Donlon, Head of Care answers some frequently asked questions regarding care matters & social services What type of court orders can be made regarding children? If the Local Authority applies to the Court for an order… [...]