At National Legal Service We fight to Win

If you are going through an investigation or are facing court proceedings, at National Legal Service our criminal defence solicitors will provide you with the legal expert help you need.

We provide you with a clear, concise plan of action to help safeguard your future and to help you feel more assured allowing you to move forward knowing that you have a team of legal experts working and fighting for your legal rights and liberty.

  • Have you been arrested or have you been asked to attend an interview with the Police?
  • Are you going through an investigation by the Police or Government Body?
  • Are you charged with a criminal offence?
  • Are you facing criminal court proceedings?

We strive to ensure that each client feels they have been well represented, looked after and listened to. Additional information about our services is available on

Harun Matin- Head of Crime Department

Harun is a Londoner who has studied, qualified and practised here. As a trainee, he found a great interest in Criminal Law whilst undertaking work to assist the Solicitors on the well-known Baby P case that made national news. lawyer Once he qualified, he continued in the Criminal Law Department of an established firm in London and became a passionate and ambitious lawyer in the police stations and Magistrates courts.

Seeing his strengths as a Solicitor, Harun was not only instructed in other high profile cases such as a complex multimillion pound Fraud against O2 the network provider and the M1 arson case, causing more than £4million of damage, but also developed a working knowledge of Extradition laws and has continued pursuing this.