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Football Banning

Football Banning Orders

While you will be liable to be charged with a public order offence, in football related events there are special football banning orders that the police can issue.

Whatever the disorder that triggers the police action, be it drunkenness or violence, if it is related to football and in and around football stadiums the police have broad powers to issue these orders.

A Football Banning Order (FBO) can ban you from entering football stadiums or otherwise attending games. It can block access to you from even approaching the stadium itself. It is possible that the order will stop you travelling internationally if it is suspected you plan to attend a football match, this will involve surrendering your passport to the police.

The banning order can last up to 5 years when you are not imprisoned but it can be extended to 10 years if you are.

We have extensive experience in appealing against these orders and can help you understand and fight against the charge, whether at the police station or in the courts.

If you wish to appeal you must get in contact with a legal team specialising in football and public order law as soon as possible. Our expert team can provide you the confidence to know that everything that can be done is being done.

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