Arrested for Protesting

Appointing a criminal defence solicitor to represent you is essential for achieving the best outcome in these circumstances.

Have you been arrested for protesting?

Protesting is a fundamental right in the UK, but it is essential that you understand these rights as participating in a protest can lead to arrest in some circumstances.

In fact, many recent mass protests have led to a surge in individuals being arrested, namely Extinction Rebellion and anti-lockdown rallies. Those arrested for protesting will be taken into police custody and could even be charged with a criminal offence, something that can have serious ramifications for your family, career and personal freedoms.

With many protesters willing to be arrested if it means better supporting their cause, it is imperative that you understand your legal rights and the implications that an arrest or criminal charge may have on your life in the future.

Criminal convictions can place significant barriers on certain job opportunities, further education options and even limit travel abroad. Appointing a criminal defence solicitor to represent you is essential for achieving the best outcome in these circumstances. In some cases, National Legal Service can represent you from the moment you are arrested for protesting, offering legal advice and support while working towards a favourable resolution. In some cases, this includes acquittal and the avoidance of serious criminal charges.

Understanding your legal defence options

Our team of qualified and experienced solicitors have successfully defended many cases where clients have been arrested for protesting and have been able to provide relevant, easy to understand and timely legal advice to assure the best possible outcome and reduce stress and anxiety at what can be a worrying time.

National Legal Service’s nationwide team has a thorough understanding of the specific laws surrounding protesting and your legal rights. This means our criminal defence solicitors are ideally placed to offer you exceptional support at every step.

Your appointed solicitor will talk you through your legal defence options with clarity and confidentiality. We’re committed to exceptional standards of legal representation, from the police station right through to any court proceedings.

UK wide representation anytime of the day or night if you’re arrested for protesting

At National Legal Service, we understand that the causes most important to you may take you further afield. No matter where you are in the UK, if you have been arrested for protesting, you’ll have full access to our UK wide network of solicitors who are on hand to offer legal representation around the clock, throughout the day and night.

With a dedicated team of legal support staff and criminal law solicitors, we can come to your aid quickly to provide you with expert legal advice. Call us on 020 3601 5051 to request representation at the police station or to book a free initial consultation.

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