Assault Solicitors

Our team of experienced assault solicitors have a thorough understanding of the many types of assault and the legal complexities that each form carries.

Assault solicitors

As a team of highly successful assault solicitors, National Legal Service has been successfully defending those charged with all forms of assault for many years.

From GBH to ABH and common assault and battery, our team of experienced assault solicitors have a thorough understanding of the many types of assault and the legal complexities that each form carries.

By offering our clients fully confidential, expert and non-judgemental legal representation, we act as a crucial link between the individual and the UK legal system. Our experienced team will work diligently to build an effective and robust defence. We are committed to safeguarding the rights and best interests of the people we represent and endeavour to offer clear guidance and continual support through the criminal process.

Different types of assault require different defence preparations

As experienced assault solicitors, National Legal Service’s criminal defence solicitors fully appreciate that different types of assault come with different punishments and legal implications. It is essential that any defence is tailored to the individual circumstances surrounding the event and current UK law.

There is seldom a one-size-fits-all approach to an assault charge defence. Your appointed National Legal Service solicitor will carefully examine the specific circumstances of your case before providing well-considered, expert legal advice, in order to provide you with the best possible outcome.

In order to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with any legal proceedings, your appointed National Legal Service solicitor will also ensure that you are fully informed at each stage of the process and channels of communication remain open.

In addition to our own team of assault solicitors, we work closely with a carefully selected network of expert partners who we may call upon to support your defence where appropriate. This includes practitioners in specialisms such as:

  • Blood splatter
  • DNA analysis
  • Voice and speech recognition
  • Enhancement of audio and video footage such as from a CCTV camera
Expert assault solicitors available UK wide, 24/7

Here at National Legal Service, we appreciate that assault charges do not always occur during the standard working day.

That’s why our clients are fully supported by our extensive network of skilled solicitors and legal support staff, on call to offer emergency legal representation UK wide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week no matter what area of the country you find yourself in.

With a strategically located network of assault solicitors spanning the entire country, a member of our team will be dispatched from our regional office as a matter of urgency so that you have full access to excellent legal representation when you need it most.

You can contact us in an emergency on 020 3601 5051 and speak to a knowledgeable member of our team right away.

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