Drink Driving Solicitors

With years of experience and a team which spans the country, you can rely on both our national legal expertise and our regional presence.

Expert Drink Driving Solicitors

Our team of drink driving solicitors are experts in criminal law, and have the skills and experience required to help you reach a favourable conclusion to your case. No matter how complex, we are always happy to discuss each detail and talk you through every aspect of the legal process which lies ahead.

Our solicitors are adept at using their negotiating skills and legal knowledge to help bring the case to a close, an approach which can help you to reduce your legal fees and avoid some of the stress associated with fighting a case.

How can our drink driving solicitors help you?

Our expert team are adept at handling both sides of the spectrum and will always listen closely to the details of your case before helping you decide on the right path.

A drink driving solicitor is there to help their client achieve the best possible result, whether that is prosecution, receiving damages for the offence or retaining their driving license and avoiding a sentence. The specific details of every case will always differ, and that is why a personalised approach is essential to get the best outcome.

Why choose National Legal Service drink driving solicitors?

We have worked on many cases requiring expert drink driving solicitors. With years of experience and a team which spans the country, you can rely on both our national legal expertise and our regional presence. In addition, our legal teams include many multilingual solicitors, enabling greater communication for all our clients.

Our criminal law department is growing fast, so you will have access to the best expertise in the field during your own case. We also take a tailored approach to each of our clients, ensuring that your individual needs and requirements are considered at every stage of the legal process.

Throughout, you can rely on our care and consideration as well as our dedication to professionalism.

What if I can’t afford to pay a drink driving solicitor?

We accept clients using legal aid following a means and merit assessment. This is a process which provides legal representation to individuals with professionalism and care, regardless of their financial circumstances.

There is a comprehensive process to check whether you qualify for this service, so your eligibility is not confirmed. Please contact the team to find out. All enquiries remain private and confidential.

Speak to a member of our legal team for specialist advice

We know each case is unique and are always happy to talk about your individual circumstances when deciding the correct plan of action. Whatever your requirements, contact the National Legal Service on 0203 601 5051.

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