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In all areas of our legal practice, we provide a tailored service which takes into account not only the charges faced but the person who is being accused.

Experienced Duty Solicitors

The National Legal Service provides a fast and professional duty solicitor service. Being accused of a crime is stressful and often time sensitive – as is accessing the right expertise to help you navigate an upcoming court case.

Thanks to the legal aid system, our duty solicitors can be on hand to assist with the timely expertise and experience you need to achieve the best result for you even if you are facing challenging financial circumstances.

We understand that each client is an individual and each case is unique. In all areas of our legal practice, we provide a tailored service which takes into account not only the charges faced but the person who is being accused.

When working with the National Legal Service, you can be sure that our duty solicitors are committed to handling your case with care, understanding and attentiveness, as well as providing you with the clarity you need every step of the way.

How can duty solicitors help?

Duty solicitors are experts in providing representation to individuals accused of a crime. The areas which are covered under this umbrella are highly variable but hiring a duty solicitor allows you to gain access to swift professional advice and representation.

There are two different types of duty solicitor in England:

Police station duty solicitors

These solicitors are available for clients who have been arrested under suspicion of committing a crime. Frequently, such solicitors are called by an individual while already in police custody, or meetings take place in person at the same location. They are often present at police interviews where an individual is questioned.

Court duty solicitors

These solicitors are available to clients who have already been charged with a criminal offence but require representation at the Magistrates Court. They are often hired by those who do not already have a solicitor or have not been able to contact their regular solicitor. The right to this form of lawyer is the same regardless of whether a client remains in police custody or qualifies for bail.

What if I can’t afford a solicitor?

Duty solicitors are provided by the legal aid system in the United Kingdom. Therefore, following an assessment of your requirements, you may be accepted for legal guidance and representation from one of our expert duty solicitors. All enquiries are private and confidential.

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