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Your appointed National Legal Service weapons lawyer will guide you through the legal process and will be with you throughout each stage of the legal process.

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Crimes related to offensive weapons sit within an extremely complex area of UK law. The penalties for such crimes are also onerous. If you have been charged with possession of offensive weapons or associated offences, it is imperative that you appoint legal representation in the form of an expert weapons lawyer as soon as possible in order for the best possible defence to be created and the best outcome achieved.

Dating back to 1968, UK legislation surrounding firearms in the UK is notoriously complex and difficult to understand. As a very specialist area of law, it is crucial that have an experienced weapons lawyer on your team, who not only understands the intricacies of the law, but can also use this knowledge to provide you with the best defence possible, including ensuring all evidence presented as part of your defence can withstand the highest levels of scrutiny.

Offensive weapons charges require specialist legal representation

Offences involving weapons are serious and often complex. Appointing suitably experienced legal representation to advise you, work with you on your defence and represent you in court should be done at the earliest opportunity.

The consequences of weapons charges can include lengthy prison sentences being handed down, highly restrictive bail conditions and submission of a DNA sample which will then be placed on a national police database for life. Such outcomes can impact on every area of your life and often, will have consequences for the rest of your life.

National Legal Service’s specialist legal representation is delivered by experienced criminal law solicitors, with experience in weapons and firearms offences. Our tailored, considered legal recommendations and defence is devised by seasoned professionals who fully understand the complexities of this area of the law, have similar case experience and can work with other selected professionals to create a robust defence strategy in order to secure the best possible outcome.

Your appointed National Legal Service weapons lawyer will guide you through the legal process and will be with you throughout each stage of the legal process. We will also act as your assigned legal representative when dealing with the courts and police to help minimise stress to you and your loved ones and ensure that you are treated fairly by all parties throughout.

Engage our weapons lawyers now for the best results

When it comes to offensive weapons charges, time is of the essence if you want to secure the best possible outcome.

Our weapons lawyers will get to work immediately to seek to explain and substantiate the legitimate purpose of weapon possession in order to build firm foundations for a strong defence.

Working to the utmost levels of integrity and client care, our weapons lawyers take a proactive approach from the moment of involvement so we can offer additional support and the best service for each individual.

If you find yourself accused of offensive weapon charges, call our expert team on 020 3601 5051 immediately for emergency legal representation or a free, no-obligation consultation.

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