Interpol Red Notice

Challenging Interpol Red Notices

Our team has significant experience in arguing for the removal of red notices and diffusions. We can make detailed representations on your behalf as to why the red notice should be deleted. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the relevant regulations and the arguments which may be deployed, including reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (to which Interpol must have regard).

Why choose the National Legal Service Solicitors?

We understand that being the subject of an extradition request or an Interpol Red Notice can be extremely distressing for our clients and their loved ones.

With the National Legal Service Solicitors in your corner, you can rely upon expert advice and fearless representation at every step.

Our team has a proud track record of defeating dozens of requests from all over the world.

We will analyse the request to determine whether it is legally valid and to check whether all technical requirements are met. By this process, our lawyers have identified numerous entirely novel points of law over the years. We are experts at identifying deficiencies and challenging invalid warrants, leading to the discharge of many of our clients.

We will identify and gather the evidence required to present the strongest possible case against extradition, or in favour of the deletion of Red Notice.

This can range from the evidence of family members and employers about the importance of the requested person remaining in the U.K. to commissioning expert reports on issues varying from levels of judicial corruption to poor prison conditions in the requesting state.

In addition to many years of criminal advocacy experience, our extradition lawyers are also accomplished extradition advocates with a record of regularly securing bail for clients in custody and defeating dozens of extradition requests at full hearings.

We also benefit from a long-established relationship with the extradition bar, as well as with expert witnesses and foreign lawyers practising all over the world.

These contacts allow us to assist our clients to challenge extradition before the courts in this country and the issuing country simultaneously.

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