Extradition of Political Offenders

Political and Economic Extradition Requests

It is sadly the case that some requests for extradition or Interpol Red Notices are not aimed at dealing with criminal conduct but are instead politically or economically motivated. This is an abuse. The purpose of extradition and Red Notices is to deal with crime, not to harangue political opponents or to settle commercial disputes.

Our specialist solicitors will fight to ensure that politically and economically motivated extradition and Red Notice requests are exposed and defeated.
We work with our clients to ensure that a comprehensive strategy is in place prior to a request to Interpol, or a request for extradition is made.

Red notices often remain in place after a successful defence of an extradition request and invariably restrict a person’s ability to travel. The importance of having improper Red Notices deleted cannot be overstated.

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Whatever your cross-border legal problem, our specialist team can help you build the strongest possible case against extradition and the removal of Red Notices.

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