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When a parent or third party (such as grandparents) takes a child out of the country without the other parents knowledge or agreement, it is termed as child abduction.

Child Abduction can take place for varied instances including relationship break downs, forced marriages or Female Genital mutilation.

Depending on what country you believe your child/ren has/have been abducted to, will depend on what legal steps you will have to take.

Child Abduction FAQ’s

What do I do if my child has been abducted?

Seek immediate advice from the police and legal advice as to the steps involved in applying to have the safe return of children to your care.  It can be a very long process and time is of the essence and you should not delay in seeking advice.

Can I prevent child abduction?

If you have genuine fears of potential child abduction, you could consider applying to the court for a prohibited steps order (PSO) but you will need to have “gateway evidence” as per regulations 33 and 34 of LASPO to be eligible for legal aid.  You may be able to agree a fixed fee / private rates with our specialist team if legal aid is not available.

It can be easier to prevent child abduction rather than trying to go to the courts to get a child returned back to a country of primary/usual residence.  If you have parental responsibility and are worried that your child may be abducted by their other parent, we can apply to the court for a Prohibited Steps Order (PSO). This will prevent the child’s other parent from taking the child out of the country without your permission or order of the court.

How Can I legally move abroad with my child?

You would need the consent of your ex partner (any person with parental responsibility) and if that is not obtained, you will need to make an application to the court for permission to relocate.

How can I fund my International Child Abduction case?

Legal aid funding can be available for cases involving child protection and child abduction subject to some means and merits assessments.  In contract to PSO applications, you do not need “gateway evidence” when there is international child abduction at issue.  You will need to speak to us about your eligibility to receive legal aid in these circumstances.

Why choose National Legal Service Child Abduction Solicitors?

The Family department includes members who have achieved the Law Society’s Advanced Family Law and Children Law accreditations. A number of our solicitors are also members of Resolution a family law association committed to resolving family disputes and problems fairly and amicably.

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