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During the course of a divorce proceeding financial settlements often arise. Financial settlements resolve the division of assets after a relationship breakdown, often after divorce.

While a divorce can be finalised without a financial settlement, it certainly helps protect you from future claims. There is a well known case – Wyatt v Vince – in which a couple divorced, but did not have a final financial order in place. Kathleen Wyatt, successfully claimed settlement of £300,000, 20 years after they were divorced.

Our team of financial settlement solicitors can advise as well as represent clients across the country . We have years of experience as well as specialise in the division of matrimonial assets and finances. We review you and your ex- partners financial circumstances before suggesting a reasonable settlement  offer. We negotiate directly with your ex partner, or their solicitor so you do not have to.

Financial Settlements considers how your finances will be divided upon the end of the marriage and can include:-

  • Property rights
  • Savings, Shares & Pensions
  • Pensions
  • International assets as well as liabilities for debt
  • Custody of children – together with their maintenance such as school fees and other lifestyle consideration.

Once the settlement has been agreed upon, an Order must be approved by the court in order to make the arrangement legally binding.  There are various orders issued by the court in divorce proceedings. These include but are not limited to:

  • Consent Order- This orders sets out how your assets and debts are to be divided.
  • Clean Break Order- applies for couples who do not have any assets to divide
  • Pension Sharing order- establishes how each person’s pensions are to be shared.


Financial Settlement FAQ’s

How much money will I receive in a financial settlement?

There is no set formula for calculating financial settlements. The courts consider wide ranging factors which include but are not limited to,  you and your ex partners assets and finances, whether you have children (As well as their needs), the age of both yourself and your ex- partner as well as the length of your marriage.

How long does it take to reach a financial settlement?

This varies depending upon the circumstances of your cases as well as co-cooperativeness of your partner.

We can give you an estimate of how long it will take at our first consultation.

Do I need a solicitor for financial settlements?

Even if you and your ex-partner have been able to reach an agreement between yourselves regarding financial settlements, it is recommended that you engage the services of a solicitor and draw up a consent order – This will prevent either party from changing their minds and making future claims against each other.


Getting help

Why choose National Legal Service Solicitors Financial Settlement Solicitors?

We understand how important financial settlements are in ensure stability and security in our clients lives particularly if children are involved. Our financial settlement lawyers are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Resolution. We have years of experience in dealing with matters involving finances and will offer practical as well as  pragmatic advise tailored to your needs. Our experienced solicitors will guide you through these tricky and sometimes emotionally frustrating proceedings to arrive at a suitable arrangement.

Financial Settlements for separating Couples

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