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A forced marriage is when a person is forced,  coerced into marrying someone against their will and or  under duress. Duress can take many forms including  physical, such as threats or sexual violence, or emotional, such as being made to feel as if you’re bringing shame on your family.

Forced marriage is now recognised as a form of domestic abuse.  Our solicitors based in have a successful track record of helping victims of forced marriage escape domestic abuse – including help in obtaining an injunction known as a Forced Marriage Protection Order

In extreme cases, victims of forced marriages will need to obtain a Forced Marriage Protection Order to prevent individuals including family members from forcing them into marriage.

The Ministry of Justice (‘MoJ’) latest statistics on the work of the Family Court, for July to September 2019 highlighted that there was a general upward trend in the number of applications for forced marriage protection orders . There were 101 applications for Forced Marriages, of which 69% of applicants were aged 17 and under. Over the same period, there were 140 orders made, almost double the number of orders made in the same period from the previous year. For more information, read our blog on Family Court Statistics for July to September 2019.

An application for a Forced Marriage Protection order can be made on behalf of the person who is at risk of Forced Marriage.

The following people can apply for a Forced Marriage Protection Order:

  • You as the person who is to be protected by the order;
  • A relevant third party (such as a parent of a child, a Police force, Forced Marriage Protection Unit etc); and
  • Any other person with the permission of the court.


If a court is satisfied that you are at risk of being forced into marriage, the court can prohibit individuals from taking any steps to protect you from a forced marriage such as, prohibiting them from arranging a marriage, or a religious blessing, or engagement, making plans, speaking to you about it or others, remove the ability to travel with you (retaining of passports)..  The court a discretion to make such orders that would be appropriate to ensure that you are protected from the risk of a forced marriage.


Free Legal Advice for forced marriage

Legal Aid is available for forced marriage problems. Depending upon your circumstances you could be entitled to free legal advice and assistance

This order will legally protect you from being forced into getting married. Breaches of the Forced Marriage Civil Protection Order is a criminal offence.


Getting Help

Why choose National Legal Service Family and Child Care Solicitors?

Our practitioners specialise in Forced Marriage Protection Orders and Injunctions for domestic abuse matters. At National Legal Service solicitors, we have experienced in representing and protecting clients who are either threatened with forced marriage or who have been forced into a marriage a result of a forced marriage. If you suspect or know that you are going to be forced into a marriage you do not want, call National Legal Service Solicitors on 020 3601 5051. You can find and contact your local National Legal Service Solicitors branch here to find out more information.

Shazia Saliheen, Supervising Solicitor in Coventry is experienced in Forced Marriage Protection Orders having represented clients in cases which have received national attention.

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