Flexible Working Approach at NLS – I Am More Than a Solicitor.

Flexible Working Approach at NLS – I Am More Than a Solicitor.

Having continuously worked since the age of 15, after having my own family, it became obvious that I needed to re-think things.

At an earlier workplace, I returned from maternity leave after a year. I knew then that I could never work full time again, or at least not whilst my family were young. After a second child, it was clear my family needed me, unconditionally and at all times. I took the difficult but obvious decision to me, to take a career break.

After 7 years, I was ready to re-juggle the many roles that I have but I knew it could not be full time. My previous workplace allowed me to work fewer days each week and this was the way forward for me, until the pandemic which led to an almost universal flexible home working arrangement.

So, when I joined NLS, I hoped they too would accept me working a reduced week but also allow me to approach my week flexibly… and they did!

It was clear from very early on that even working 4 ½ days offered me a great deal of flexibility. Whilst the days are contractually fixed, NLS have allowed me to be flexible with how I work my week, demonstrating mutual trust and respect.

I’m able to manage my diary so if I have hearings on my non-working half-day, I can work that time and take that time off on another day, or work a few hours less spread over the week. I just need to let my supervisor know and to date, this has not been queried because it works to everyone’s benefit. Management at NLS trust that you are ultimately a professional and if you can demonstrate that you can be trusted, you are trusted unconditionally.

My clients have never had difficulty with my flexible working, as it allows me to be available for them, when needed. They respect that in addition to other clients, I have a life, commitments, and responsibilities outside of my role as a solicitor.
And as for my family, I can wear the many hats and still give them 100% when I’m with them, not just them but to every aspect of my life.

It’s the perfect balance and a beautiful arrangement here at NLS. It accounts for the reality of life, particularly after the pandemic and an acceptance that we are more than our job description and title; I am more than a solicitor.

Priti Shah
Supervising Solicitor – Care Team

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Shaoli has been a solicitor at NLS for over two years, transitioning from a background in criminal law to full-time family law. Her experience as a Criminal Duty Solicitor has equipped her with unique skills that are invaluable in her current role.
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