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If you are facing arrest and extradition for criminal proceedings abroad, it is vital that you seek professional legal adice as soon as possible. Appointing a specialised legal representative is key to successfully opposing the extradition process. Our team of extradition solicitors in Liverpool are experienced in criminal and extradition law. We have dealt with many highly complex cases and successfully helped many clients to fight extradition orders.

Extradition Law Expertise in Liverpool

Led by Kath Hunt, our team of specialist extradition lawyers in Liverpool work relentlessly to fight your case.

Extradition law is inherently complex, with each case being unique in terms of both the country requesting extradition and the reason for the request. Our team of experts can successfully navigate the most complex cases with a proven track record of securing positive outcomes and challenging extradition requests effectively.

At our Liverpool office, our expertise lies in the following areas of extradition law:

When it comes to extradition, there are several grounds on which you may challenge and successfully resist extradition. This includes specific case details such as when the offence took place, whether the individual has already been dealt with for the crime, and the human rights and mental health of the person facing extradition, and those close to them.

Our extradition solicitors in Liverpool will carefully consider all avenues and compile evidence toresist the extradition.

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"I don’t know what I would have done without The National Legal Service’s help. Within only 9 days from first speaking with a solicitor the order was granted."

If you face extradition proceedings, appointing an extradition lawyer can ease stress at this challenging time and provide you with the best chances of resisting surrender. The earlier you appoint an extradition lawyer, the better chance there is to successfully resist the extradition.

Conveniently located close to the Royal Albert Docks and close to public transport links, our extradition solicitors in Liverpool are renowned for their unrivalled expertise in challenging extradition orders. Get in touch today to discuss your case with our experts. To arrange a confidential consultation, contact us now on 020 3601 5010.

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