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Extradition law is complex and confusing, not to mention distressing for clients and their families. Therefore, if you are wanted in another country to serve a prison sentence or for the purpose of conducting a prosecution, it is essential you appoint a legal specialist to ensure you have the best chance of resisting extradition. National Legal Service’s extradition solicitors in London are highly experienced in this nuanced and complex area of criminal law and can assist you if you are facing extradition proceedings.

Our London team has successfully defended in a range of complex international cases, using not just our detailed, up-to-the-minute legal knowledge, but an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professional care.

"I found the staff at National Legal Service to be kind, caring and compassionate. They have always answered questions promptly and within a way that was easy for me to understand."

The department is headed by Harun Matin, one of the Directors at National Legal Service, and he and his team work tirelessly to give you the best chance of avoiding extradition, including by  negotiating less onerous alternatives. Our London solicitors achieve this through their comprehensive technical knowledge of extradition law and the Extradition Act 2003, exploring all possible avenues of resistance.

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"I don’t know what I would have done without The National Legal Service’s help. Within only 9 days from first speaking with a solicitor the order was granted."

Broadly speaking, extradition requests fall into two groups: requests from  European countries who are part of the EAW scheme, and requests from countries elsewhere in the world.  Each country and individual request gives rise to different issues, many of which are extremely intricate and challenging to navigate.

EU extradition proceedings are intended to be more streamlined due to the European Arrest Warrant pro forma being used throughout most of Europe, and require expert lawyers to represent you and your interests at every juncture.

Outside the EU, procedures vary from country to country and it is vital to have lawyers who are abreast of the latest relevant developmnents worldwide. 

In order to fight extradition, your solicitor must gather relevant information within strict time limits.

You can rest assured that National Legal Service’s London extradition solicitors are skilled in both areas of extradition practice.

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Regardless of how complex your case, our London extradition solicitors remain dedicated to helping you through the necessary legal proceedings. If you do face extradition proceedings, get in touch today. Appointing a solicitor with expertise in this area as soon a possible gives you the best chance of securing a positive outcome.

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