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Motoring offences can happen to any individual and the penalties can be serious, with potential outcomes including fines, disqualification or in some cases imprisonment.

With more than 40 million cars on UK roads, it’s no surprise that the number of penalties being handed out is increasing each year. Motoring offences can happen to anyone and the penalties can be serious, with potential outcomes including fines, disqualification or in some cases imprisonment – if you find yourself with a penalty, it’s important to consult with motoring offences solicitors as early as possible, especially if you plan to challenge it.

National Legal Service has teams of motoring offences solicitors around the country. We deal with all manner of offences, from the minor through to the more serious cases such as drink driving, careless driving and dangerous driving.

Fee structure for National Legal Services motoring offences solicitors

We know that if you have been handed a motoring offence, it could have serious negative implications, potentially impacting on your ability to get to and from work or meet family responsibilities such as child care needs. 

Our experienced team of motoring lawyers understands the legal system and structure pertaining to this area of the law. We help clients facing a wide range of offences, from driving without insurance and failing to stop to speeding,  driving without a license, dangerous driving and drink driving. Each of these offences can have serious ramifications with some carrying the risk of a hefty fine and or custodial sentence.

Your appointed motoring offence solicitor will work with you in confidence to determine if you have a case and offer representation and impartial advice and guidance throughout. We operate a fixed fee service, allowing you to be clear on the cost of challenging or defending your offence. You can request an initial consultation with us free of charge so that we can assess your individual circumstances and give you expert legal advice as to whether or not you should proceed.

You’ll find our fixed fee pricing structure below. These costs are fixed, meaning that you won’t pay a penny more, regardless of how long your case takes to resolve. If you’re facing a motoring office, contact us book a free consultation online now or call us on 020 3601 5051.

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