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Legal Aid at 70

Written by Rosita Mendonca

On 30 July 1949, the Legal Aid and Advice Act received royal assent. The act ensured that people on low incomes were represented in the civil and criminal justice system. Originally, its reach was almost universal with 80% of British people eligible. But as the years went by legal aid went away, with eligibility dropping steadily, down to 29% pre-recession… [...]


Family courts suffer from an unprecedented increase in cases

Written by Rosita Mendonca

According to a recent article in the  Guardian, the most senior Family Judge in England and Wales (Sir Andrew McFarlane) has stated that Family Courts are having to “run up a down escalator”  particularly due to an unprecedented increase in childcare cases. Ever since the drastic legal aid cuts in 2013, the family courts have come under increasing pressure. Most professionals… [...]


Financial Divorce Myths Busted

Written by Rosita Mendonca

According to recent divorce statistics, 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce - however, despite this being a common phenomenon, it is still one of the more misunderstood areas of law.   Adultery affects financial settlement Whilst adultery is grounds for divorce there is no financial compensation for adulterous behaviour.   Getting a divorce costs a fortune It… [...]


Case Study: Wrong place, wrong time, wrong haircut… right lawyer!  

Written by Harun Martin

One of our clients was wrongly arrested in connection with a recent murder in Tooting. The client, aged 17,  had been walking 50m away from his home when he and his group of friends were stopped by the Police. Our client was told that he matched the description of the main suspect and thereby arrested for murder. The murder had… [...]