NLS Shines at the Hertfordshire Law Society Awards 2024

NLS Shines at the Hertfordshire Law Society Awards 2024

National Legal Service recently attended the prestigious Hertfordshire Law Society Excellence Awards 2024, held at the historic Old Palace at Hatfield House on 7th June 2024 and hosted by our Director and Head of Family Kirsty Richards, the current President of HLS. This event recognised outstanding contributions to the legal profession and raised funds for Rephael House. This was a great opportunity for our NLS team to celebrate their achievements alongside colleagues from across the local legal communities in and around Hertfordshire.

Award Highlights

  1. Lawyer of the Year: Attia (Tia) Hussain
    • Achievements: Tia’s exceptional work in family and care law, her impressive record of sensitive and complex cases, and her efforts in diversity were key reasons for her recognition.
    • Judges’ Comments: The judges highlighted her impressive case history, early accreditation for the law society’s children panel, and her role as the first Asian and youngest past president of the Hertfordshire Law Society.
  2. Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion
    • NLS Initiatives: NLS was recognised for their diverse workforce and initiatives such as a dedicated D&I manager and a menopause support group. These efforts highlight their commitment to a broad range of diversity issues.
    • Impact: These initiatives demonstrate NLS’s leadership in creating an inclusive workplace that supports all employees.
  3. Excellence in Commitment to Pro Bono Services
    • Pro Bono Work: NLS has shown impressive dedication to providing pro bono services, despite funding challenges. Their initiatives include advice clinics and substantial legal aid support.
    • Notable Contributions: One lawyer’s contribution of over £100k in pro bono services since 2018, and the “Educate a Generation” project, which raises awareness about domestic abuse and coercive control.

SQE Stars

  • Olivia Simpson and Harvey Daniel: Both were recognised for achieving among the highest SQE results in 2024, showcasing the talent and potential within the NLS team.

“NLS are proud of the achievements of Tia, Olivia, Harvey, and the entire team, and we look forward to continuing our mission of making a positive impact in people’s lives.” – Kirsty Richards, HoF/ President

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