Are you suffering physical or emotional abuse from a partner, ex, or family member?

If you’re a victim of domestic abuse, or you’re experiencing threatening or intimidating behaviour, National Legal Service Solicitors can help you. As one of the UKs leading family law firm, we have the capacity and resources to swiftly manage complex cases..

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Kirsty Richards - Head of Family Department

Kirsty Richards is the Head of our Family Department and a Director at National Legal Service Solicitors. Kirsty oversees our team of family lawyers all dedicated to securing protection for adults and children suffering from and impacted by domestic abuse. All of our legally qualified staff are members of Resolution which means we adhere to a code of conduct that focuses on assisting clients in a professional but non confrontational manner; reducing legal issues wherever possible and striving to get injunctive orders as quickly as possible, enabling our clients (and their children) to move on with their lives, protected from harm.

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Keeping you, and your family, safe from harm is a top priority.

If you’re suffering physical or emotional abuse from a partner, ex, or family member, if you’re a victim of domestic violence, or you’re experiencing threatening or intimidating behaviour, you may be eligible to apply for a non-molestation order which will protect you from that harm.

Under The Family Law Act 1996, a non-molestation order can ensure you (and any relevant children) are protected from the risk of further significant harm. At National Legal Service, our domestic violence and injunction solicitors act in your best interests to support your application for a non-molestation order to keep you and your children safe.

What is a Non-Molestation Order?

A non-molestation order prohibits an abuser from coming within a certain distance of you and your home, and prevents them communicating with you. You can also ask the court to prevent a partner or ex-partner from your place of work, or your childrens’ schools, depending on the facts of your case.

How We Help

As a leading family law firm, we have the capacity and resources to swiftly manage complex cases, helping you to secure a rapid non-molestation order that could see offenders arrested and imprisoned for up to five years should the order be breached.

Working discreetly and privately, we’re experts in securing emergency ex parte injunctions, ensuring that you and your family can obtain the protection you need immediately, without the need to notify or receive a response from the other party. Ex parte non-molestation orders offer full protection until a hearing can be scheduled.

Putting You First

Safeguarding you and your children is a primary concern for the National Legal Service team. If you are in immediate danger, please contact the police urgently. Once you are in a safer position, get in touch with our family law solicitors on 020 3601 5051 to find out more about the next steps in securing vital protection for you and your children.

Our Feedback

National legal service has helped me over the last year with undertaking order and then a non molestation order as well as divorce proceedings and legal matters regarding me and husband with child. I couldn't fault them in anyway they been so helpful and always been by my side with support and advice all the way though. Just want to say a big thankyou and still will be using for current issues.

Professional, courteous and professional. I was out of my depth, scared and faced losing my children. I cant thank them enough for all their hard work, reports and keeping me calm when i thought it was all falling apart. They are an inspiration to the legal professional. They have changed my life, I may never recover the old me but my mental health should stabilize. My ex partner was also treated with care and sensitivity. So this case did not become a war.

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