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An extradition request is made when one country requests an individual in another country  be surrendered, either for prosecution, or for the enforcement of a punishment.  Extradition can  often result in long sentences.

The prospect of extradition can be an extremely worrying and distressing time for those involved, including for the families and loved ones of the person being sought. We understand this. National Legal Service’s extradition solicitors in Southampton are here to guide you through this confusing and disorientating process in a professional, sensitive, and highly effective way using our considerable expertise in this area of criminal law.

Extradition Expertise in Southampton

National Legal Service’s Southampton team is headed by Victoria Pratt who, along with her team of expert solicitors, will work tirelessly to fight your extradition case. All of our extradition solicitors have a thorough knowledge of the proceedings and extensive experience in handling extradition cases, no matter the complexities of the case at hand.

Our Southampton extradition solicitors have successfully opposed extradition requests for clients wanted in a wide variety of countries worldwide and for the full spectrum of criminal offences. Because of many circumstances which can lead to an extradition request, extradition law is exceedingly complex to navigate. Having a specialist solicitor on your side can be the difference between successfully resisting extradition or being surrendered.

Our extradition solicitors in Southampton have an in-depth knowledge of extradition law, including the following specialisms:

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"I don’t know what I would have done without The National Legal Service’s help. Within only 9 days from first speaking with a solicitor the order was granted."

If you or a loved one has been arrested under an extradition request, you must ensure you appoint an extradition solicitor as soon as possible for the best chance of challenging the extradition and receiving a positive outcome. However, regardless of what stage your case has reached, we can help.

Our Southampton offices are located at White Building Studios, a central location so all clients in the surrounding areas can conveniently visit with ease. To appoint National Legal Service’s extradition solicitors in Southampton or arrange a free consultation, call us on 020 3601 5051 to discuss your case. Alternatively, you can complete the contact form below.  

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