National Legal Service Halt Extradition to Hungary

National Legal Service Halt Extradition to Hungary

Earlier this month our extradition experts Noam Almaz and Shyan MacTavish succeeded in resisting the extradition of a Hungarian man.

The result allows him to stay in the UK to care for his three dependent children, one of whom has complex special needs.

Our client was wanted in Hungary to serve a lengthy prison sentence, imposed for a theft offence said to have been committed in 2015.

The case focused on whether our client was a fugitive from justice and the key question of how, if at all, his family would manage without him, potentially for a very long time, given the impact of Brexit.

Our client had initially appeared at court for a full hearing without representation. The team applied for his case to be adjourned. Following the adjournment they prepared the matter in short order, including detailed and powerful evidence, particularly about the needs of his children.

Our team presented their evidence to the court at a full hearing that took place at the end of May.

In her judgment, the District Judge agreed that it could not be said the client was a fugitive, a key evidential finding in his favour.

The court was also persuaded that this was one of the rare cases in which the impact of extradition on the family would be of such gravity that it would be disproportionate.

Our client was therefore discharged and can, subject to any appeal, now remain in the UK with his family.

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