National Legal Service Protects Emotionally Abused Mother and Child

National Legal Service Protects Emotionally Abused Mother and Child

Recently we were instructed by Helen* (not her real name). Helen had been in an abusive relationship for 3 years, during the relationship, Helen was subjected to controlling and coercive behaviour amongst continuous emotional abuse which continued despite no longer being in a relationship together.

The ongoing abuse caused Helen to feel at continued risk of further harm, it was also affecting her mental health and impacting on other areas her life as well as their daughter.

Helen instructed us to act on her behalf when her ex-partner made a child arrangement application through the court.

The team supported Helen through the process, she was worried that nobody would believe her due to having very little evidence. Our expert team listened to Helen with compassion, empathy and understanding of the impact of the abuse she had been subjected to

The team helped Helen secure funding for her representation, obtain evidence and prepare statements.

When the matter was listed, the court made findings that both Helen and her daughter had been victims of abuse which then had an impact on the father’s contact.

The Father was denied direct contact with his daughter, the court ruled that unsupervised contact would only be considered if he completed an anger management course.

Helen and her daughter are safe from harm, Helen is happy she was believed and that she and her daughter are protected.

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