National Legal Service Seeks Non-Molestation Order for Client Against Abusive Ex-Wife

National Legal Service Seeks Non-Molestation Order for Client Against Abusive Ex-Wife

Our client *Jonathan was referred to National Legal Service via the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV). Jonathan wished to apply for a non-molestation order following an escalation of domestic abuse by his ex-wife.

Jonathan and his former wife were married for 10 years and have two children together. Throughout the relationship, our client had been the victim of physical abuse. In addition to the physical violence endured, Jonathan’s wife would stop him from seeing his children to exert control over him. One of these incidents resulted in our client not seeing his children for a period of four months.

Jonathan also received abusive messages and voicemails. In addition, his ex-wife would visit his place of work which further distressed our client. On occasion, she would also attend our client’s home and refuse to leave. The police were called but could not take any action due to COVID-19 restrictions.

At a later date, our client’s ex-partner returned to his home, caused damage to his car, verbally abused him and threatened to harm his new partner. The police were once again called, and our client was advised they would investigate the matter. However, Jonathan’s ex-partner continued to harass him, sending abusive messages and made further threats of physical harm.

At this point, our client applied for a non-molestation order for his protection as he believed his ex-wife was likely to cause him further harm. We made the application for the NMO to the court, which was granted and served.

Our client is now protected and able to live without fear of further abuse or harassment.

*Not real name.

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