National Legal Service Secures Non-Molestation Order For Abused Minor

National Legal Service Secures Non-Molestation Order For Abused Minor

We met Mia* (not her real name) following a referral from National Service for Domestic Violence (NCDV).

Mia was a minor when we met her, she had been in a relationship for 6 months after meeting her abuser on a social media platform. At the time they met Mia was having family problems and was vulnerable.

When Mia met her abuser for the first time, he verbally attacked her and had sex with her. Mia continued to meet with him over a period of a few months, each time he insisted they had sex, many times he pressured her and also forced himself on her.

Due to her age and inexperience Mia felt she had no way out of the relationship and obliged to give in to his demands. Her abuser in the meantime continued to exert control over her, dictating what she wore, her make up and her weight.

Mia would meet her abuser in his car which is where the assaults would take place.

His control of her escalated, he coerced her in to sending explicit photographs of herself to him, this is when Mia bravely ended the relationship.

Despite the relationship ending he continued to harass Mia, at this point the matter was reported to the police who placed Mia’s ex on bail. Unfortunately, as soon as the bail conditions expired Mia was contacted by her abuser’s friend on his behalf.

Our specialist team supported Mia with her application for legal aid, her witness statement and application to the court for a non-molestation order which was granted and served on her abuser.

Mia is now getting on with her life, she is studying and no longer in fear for her safety with protection in place.

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