National Legal Service Prevents Further Harassment for Victimised Woman

National Legal Service Prevents Further Harassment for Victimised Woman

Natalia* (*not her real name) requested legal aid after facing a campaign of continued harassment by a former partner following the breakdown of the relationship.

National Legal Service sought a Non-Molestation Order to protect Natalia from ongoing harassment. This included violent threats being made by Natalia’s former partner. In one such incident he threatened to smash windows in her property and then acted upon that threat.

The police were called, and they arrested her ex before releasing him with bail conditions in place. Those conditions included a requirement not to contact Natalia directly or indirectly, or venture near her property. Unfortunately, he breached those conditions by continuing to contact Natalia, negatively impacting her mental health and wellbeing.

Natalia sought legal representation to obtain court-ordered protection. Working via the legal aid framework, National Legal Service’s family law team initiated an emergency application for a Non-Molestation Order within 24 hours.

Our expert team supported Natalia throughout this process, explaining the serving process clearly, and offering timely updates on the regular attempts made to serve her ex until a successful outcome was achieved.

The harassment has now thankfully come to an end, with Natalia now able to continue with her life knowing that she is protected from her ex-partner by law.

She is now living on her own and feels able to leave the house without fear.

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