National Legal Service assists mum in obtaining a Non-Molestation Order

National Legal Service assists mum in obtaining a Non-Molestation Order

Our client *Rose was referred to National Legal Service after reaching out to the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV). She required a non-molestation order (NMO) against an abusive former partner. They were not married and had no children together.

Rose and her ex-boyfriend were in a relationship for eight months. Her ex-partner was a heroin user, and a pattern emerged where the abuse would escalate after using the drug. Additionally, the couple argued regularly which placed a strain on the relationship. This escalated from weekly arguments initially to daily arguments as the relationship progressed. Eventually, the arguments took their toll and the couple separated.

Rose told us that her ex-partner would call her up to six times a day when they were apart to exert control over her. When the couple separated, he went through Rose’s personal belongings, took her phone, and jumped out of a window. This scenario happened in front of our client and her daughter, which upset them both deeply.

In addition, Rose’s ex-partner took money from her and sent her many abusive messages via social media. All incidents were reported to the police, but no further action was taken. At this point, Rose contacted the NCDV to seek an NMO to protect herself and her daughter.

Rose was able to access legal aid to cover the costs associated with obtaining the NMO; therefore has suffered no financial hardship as a result. Furthermore, since her ex-partner was served with the order, Rose no longer has to live in fear. She now has the protection she needs to move forward.

*Not real name.

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