NLS Successfully Sought Discontinuance of Serious Firearms Case in Crown Court

NLS Successfully Sought Discontinuance of Serious Firearms Case in Crown Court

Earlier this year our expert crime team were instructed after our client was arrested, interviewed and subsequently charged in respect of a conspiracy to transfer a prohibited firearm offence.
Transfer, sale or possession of firearms are all very serious offences and carry a statutory minimum sentence of five years’ imprisonment.

The police and CPS claimed to have DNA evidence which proved our client’s involvement in a conspiracy to supply firearms to undercover officers.
Joe Davis (solicitor) and the instructed barrister challenged the evidence provided by the Crown, seeking further, more in-depth reports and requesting an Application to Dismiss hearing be listed if a Streamlined Forensic Report was not submitted.

Our client denied involvement in the alleged conspiracy from the outset, and we backed our client, fighting the Court’s initial reluctance to allow any sort of dismissal application.

Following an in-depth review of the DNA evidence, the Crown discontinued the matter against our client, and he was immediately released from custody.

Without the pressure of our specialist legal team the matter would have gone to trial, which would have involved months on remand for our client if bail were not granted.

As a result, our client has no conviction for this offence and the matter has been dismissed.

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