NLS & Team Avoid Custodial Sentence for Street Robbery Incident

NLS & Team Avoid Custodial Sentence for Street Robbery Incident

The National Legal Service team was approached to support Neil (not his real name) who had been involved in a street robbery soon after turning 18.

Robbery is a serious offense. Neil’s case was exacerbated due to the prosecution accusing Neil of threatening the victim with a knife, saying he would ‘shank’ him.

A robbery of this kind carries a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

The National Legal Service assisted by Ben Rowe of Charter Chambers set about building his defence preparing submissions as to Neil’s role in the robbery.

Fundamental to Neil’s defence was the fact he was not carrying a knife and did not threaten the victim as accused, whilst Neil admitted involvement he had only a minimal role in the incident.

Furthermore, the team demonstrated to the court that Neil was of previous good character and deeply regretted his involvement in the incident.

The judge accepted Neil’s role in the incident determining he had much lower culpability than the prosecution had argued.  In addition to this, the team was able to show how Neil had been in no further trouble and had instead found steady employment.

These facts reinforced Mr Rowe’s argument that Neil should not be sent to prison but instead be allowed to rehabilitate himself without a custodial sentence, an argument that was accepted by the Judge.

Thanks to the National Legal Service and Mr Rowe, Neil is not in custody and continues to put the incident behind him.

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