Successful extradition appeal for victim of human slavery

Successful extradition appeal for victim of human slavery

Sarah Moulange and Noam Almaz represented B, a young Polish man who had come to the U.K. for a better life in 2015, only to be enslaved on his arrival by a criminal gang.  He was made to live and work in horrendous conditions.

He managed to escape his captors when a friend told him of a job in another town.  On his arrival there, B was again enslaved and made to work without pay.

This case illustrates the astonishing fact that human slavery has not been consigned to the past or to places far away, but instead can be found here and now.

B’s possessions were seized by his traffickers.  He did not maintain contact with his probation officer in Poland and a suspended prison sentence imposed prior to his departure for the U.K. was activated as a result.

B eventually managed to escape his captors for a second time.  Soon afterwards, he was arrested by police on an European Arrest Warrant issued by the Polish authorities – seeking his return to serve the activated prison sentence.

As might be expected, B was vulnerable after these horrendous experiences.

Sarah and Noam were able to gather the evidence to show that B’s case was truly exceptional and that his extradition would breach his human rights, and those of his partner. As a result, we successfully won his extradition appeal at the High Court, where he was represented by Saoirse Townshend at Temple Garden Chambers.

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