National Legal Service Solicitors successfully represented person resisting extradition to Lithuania

National Legal Service Solicitors successfully represented person resisting extradition to Lithuania

Extradition Solicitor Noam Almaz, Trainee Solicitor, Sarah Moulange and Paralegal, Shyan MacTavish represented B, a 30-year-old Lithuanian man wanted to serve a long prison sentence for fraud and a serious assault committed when he was 19.

Noam first represented B in 2012 – 2013 – when he successfully argued that the extradition request was void because it had been issued by the Minister of Justice of Lithuania, rather than a court.  Noam was the first to identify this point of law and Lithuanian requests are no longer issued in the same way as a result.

Noam and Sarah represented B for a second time in 2018, again securing his discharge.  By this point, B had further established himself in this country and had started a family.

In 2019, Lithuania sought B’s extradition for the third time.  Sarah Moulange, working with Shyan MacTavish, built a powerful evidential case demonstrating that B should not be extradited, in part because of the arduous legal proceedings over the previous 8 years. The court accepted that the consequences of extradition would be exceptionally severe and he was discharged.

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We have defeated dozens of requests from Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania to name but a few examples.

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