The London Legal Walk 2018

The London Legal Walk 2018


At  National Legal Service we believe in access to justice, therefore what a better way to support over 100 organisations in London and the South East than to take part in the London legal walk. We walk so that we can help these organisations provide more free and pro-bono legal advice.

Last year 12,000 people took on 10km for justice and raised a record breaking £800,000. This is an enormous figure and we only hope that this year we can top this.  It is the National Legal Service’s first year as an organisation taking part and we hope to do so for many years to come.

As an organisation that works heavily with survivors of domestic violence and abuse, at times we come across clients who are simply not eligible for legal aid. This means they often fall in to a grey area, of not being able to obtain government funding and not being able to financially afford to pay themselves.

Therefore, thanks to the option of free legal advice and pro-bono services, they are given another option to represent themselves in court to obtain their protective injunctions.  Without this option many of our clients  would not be able to obtain the protection they need due to limited funding or no funding at all.

The legal walk focuses on charities mainly supporting: elderly people who need support to stay living independently; women and children facing trafficking and labour exploitation; those who have been unfairly discriminated at work; homeless people and families living in terrible housing conditions as well as people living with disabilities or illnesses

Pro-bono and free legal advice is vital in the legal industry as it often focuses  on impacting those who are the most vulnerable and unprotected in society. Without more access to pro-bono and free legal advice, many people affected by the above would not be able to access justice or protection by the law as they cannot afford it.

As legal professionals it is our job to uphold what the law stands for and ensure that justice is available to all in a fair and accessible way. Therefore, on Monday 21st of May 2018 we will be walking alongside many legal professionals to raise money, support and awareness for justice and support those organisations giving free legal advice.

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