What Flexible Working Means to Me

What Flexible Working Means to Me

As a Supervising Solicitor, I manage a team in the Family Department. I find that the management team are wholly supportive and trusting of the decisions we take as Supervising Solicitors. We are able to manage our teams effectively, with clear targets and objectives, together with an excellent level of training, assistance and guidance when needed – wherever we are in our careers paths, which is both refreshing and motivating.

Whilst feeling supported from a ‘work’ point of view I also feel supported in my life away from the firm. I have never been made to feel like my problems or commitments are inconvenient or a burden to the business. Even before the introduction of the flexible working policy, I have always found the management team have implemented suitable measures to assist me and allow me to manage my work-life balance without feeling stressed, anxious, or uncomfortable.

On a personal level, I have been able to manage and organise various changes of my life, with a tremendous level of support and flexibility given to me by NLS. I have been able to cope with many personal matters seamlessly, particularly during and post-pandemic, without feeling isolated or ignored by my employer.

Aside from the management team, the Supervisors have a great relationship and implied synergy with one another. Nobody is more than a phone call away, whether it’s a work-related issue or simply a blue Monday – I know I can always pick up the phone or send an email to my colleagues without worrying about troubling anyone.

The level of flexibility and support I have, allows me to manage my days and enjoy my role at NLS.

Although we have grown and continue to expand, NLS maintains an inclusive, attentive, and non-confrontational culture which I am proud to be a part of.

Fatimah Birk
Supervising Solicitor

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