Successful appeal against extradition to the Republic of Ireland

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Extradition Lawyer Noam Almaz & Trainee Solicitor, Sarah Moulange acted for B, in successfully appealing her extradition to the Republic of Ireland where she was accused of committing over €70,000.00 worth of benefit fraud. B accepted that she had committed benefit fraud and that she had fled Ireland because of the potential Court Case. However, she […]

Successful extradition appeal for victim of human slavery

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Sarah Moulange and Noam Almaz represented B, a young Polish man who had come to the U.K. for a better life in 2015, only to be enslaved on his arrival by a criminal gang.  He was made to live and work in horrendous conditions. He managed to escape his captors when a friend told him […]

Administrative Court Overturns Second Extradition Order

In another recent success for National Legal Service Solicitors, the Administrative Court  overturned a decision to extradite a man to Poland for a second time as a disproportionate interference with his human rights.   Our client had been extradited to Poland in 2009 for an assault offence.  He had been released from Polish prison for […]

Noam Almaz Obtains Discharge for Young Man Sought to Return to Hungary

Noam Almaz successfully opposed an extradition request from Hungary. In a positive application of Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights the Court accepted that our client’s extradition would amount to a disproportionate interference with his and his family’s Article 8 rights.   Our client was a young man of only 14 when […]

Pausing for thought in French Prison Conditions

It is exceptionally hard to convince the UK Courts to doubt the mutual trust they hold in other European countries. The Court have long held that in the absence of ‘clear and cogent evidence’ of the kind approaching an international consensus, the Court will trust that European countries will adhere to their obligations and treat […]