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Our empathetic, experienced team of family solicitors understands that when it comes to family, prompt access to considerate and professional legal advice takes on new importance. Our specialist family law teams will guide you with clarity and compassion through a range of family law issues, whether you’re dealing with domestic abuse, divorce, family finances or child custody issues and access issues (known as child arrangement disputes).

We are the largest provider of legal aid for domestic abuse cases in England and 9/10 clients say they would recommend us.

Family law is complex and can often involve sensitive or very stressful subjects. Having an experienced legal representative by your side to guide you through difficult experiences with confidence, empathy, surety and professionalism is imperative.

For your peace of mind, many of our family solicitors are members of Resolution, a national organisation of specialist family lawyers. We’re committed to the Resolution Code of Practice, which means that your National Legal Service appointed solicitor will work to reach a settlement using constructive negotiation. This approach often leads to a quicker resolution, helping to reduce stress and lowering legal fees.

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Our legal advice is individually and carefully tailored to you and your family circumstances. No two families and no two cases are ever alike.

National Legal Service advice is always delivered with your best interests as our primary concern. We draw upon our extensive experience in this challenging field to offer you trusted council and achieve the best possible outcome for your personal circumstances.

This expansive, often complicated area of law is one that is also highly emotive for the parties involved, given its relationship to matters relating to spouses, finances and children.

National Legal Service offers legal aid subject to a standard means and merit assessment, which means we can provide legal representation for you quickly and professionally if you are a victim of domestic abuse and require a protective order, for certain proceedings under the Children’s Act, are dealing with social services, faced with an emergency protection order for a child, for applications related to secure accommodation orders for a minor, are appealing a final order, for recovery and adoption orders.

Whether you need to agree on child custody (and access) arrangements, are going through a divorce, are a party to care proceedings or a victim of domestic violence, your needs are our priority. Call us on 0203 601 5051.

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We know that no two cases are ever the same and we are dedicated to guiding you through the legal process with tailored solutions which work for you. For free initial legal advice please fill out the form below.

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