Reported Cases

A Mother v A Father [2023] EWFC 105 (14 April.2023)

Represented a father in care proceedings for which PR was removed following allegations of sexual abuse proven at second FFH.

Judge wrote a letter to the Child explaining his decision which got widely spread among the legal sector as being something which ought to be done as a matter of course, such was the significance of that letter in what was very significant decision made by the court.

Re P, H-L (children)(mobile phone extraction) [2023] EWCA Civ 206

We represented two children in care proceedings and this interim appeal came in between a part heard fact find hearing. Decision by Lady and Lord Justices, Black, Bean and Baker.

Case will lead to a change to FPR2010 (as recommended by Lord MacFarlane)

Case is being covered in all public law children updates nationally as a result of the guidance flowing from this Appeal

KR was published in Jordan’s Family Law Journal discussing the case and guidance in [2023] Fam Law 751-890

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