Diversity & Inclusion

Firms that thrive are those with an inclusive working environment and workforce promoting different backgrounds, strengths, capabilities and perspectives.

What is Diversity to us?

Diversity is about ensuring that we as a Firm embrace a wide spectrum of employees from varying backgrounds and life experiences, to enrich our teams, our business and provide us with a range a differences with which we can improve ourselves.

Diversity cultivates new ideas, challenges us to expand our views and helps us to improve our understanding of the experience of others for a better community.

What is inclusion to us?

Inclusion is the understanding our team’s diversity, it is providing the appropriate platforms for our work place communities to be heard, to embrace our strengths, acknowledge our weaknesses and strive for improvements to build a lasting, positive work place culture.

The Purpose

By engaging with D&I we can continue to grow as a modern, relevant practice. We can ensure that we are providing the right opportunities, safeguarding and engaging our communities and opening the door for legal professionals, regardless of their backgrounds.

Diversity & Inclusion Survery 2023

The below are the results of the Firm’s internal 2023 D&I survey,  the answers of which allow us to view the communities currently within the Firm, celebrate our existing strengths and acknowledge areas in which we need to grow. Overall, we are excited by the result and will continue to strategise and engage for improvement.

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