Christmas at NLS

Christmas at NLS

Here at the National Legal Service we took part in Jolly Jumper Day, helping to raise vital funds for this festive season.

By wearing our Christmas jumpers on Friday 14th December we were able to get everyone in the office together and in to the Christmasspirit whilst saving children and changing futures. By wearing a jumper we could help bring essential food, healthcare, education and protections to millions of children around the world who are missing out.

Whether it was a terribly tacky Christmas jumper, a pair of antlers or a Bah Humbag hat for the Grinch in the office, we all got involved. We collected £2 for every jumper for Save the Children to help children not just survive, but to thrive. We managed to Raise over £100 just through wearing a jumper and selling some festive cakes.

Jolly Jumper day was also a perfect way for the National Legal Service to get our London office together and partake in some festive cheer. We sold some lovely homemade cakes and donated the money to Save the Children and did our office secret Santa and our first year of NLS office awards which was a great way to get everyone in the office involved and engaged. We even had our offices out of London partake in the jolly jumper festivities.

For most of us, Christmas conjures up images of cracker jokes, mulled wine and a haze of Christmas parties and families opening presents around a Christmas tree. However, for others, Christmas is the most feared time of the whole year. Domestic violence rises significantly during the festive period. Across the country, refuges and police forces are currently preparing for a rise in domestic violence cases and referrals. Last year Sussex Police arrested 262 people in connection with domestic violence – double the previous year. What’s more, according to UK government figures from 2012, assault and domestic murders increase 25 per cent during the festive period and incidents go up by a third on Christmas Day itself[1].

While incidents of domestic violence rise at Christmas, calls to Domestic Violence Helplines actually decrease during the festive period. According to Polly Neate, Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, this is because, “Many people want to keep it together for the children and so they wait until Christmas is over to call. Plus, if they are in close quarters with the perpetrator, they are probably being monitored very closely”. We at the National Legal service will be doing all that we can to help those that come to us after being effected by domestic violence this festive season.

During this time it is important to remember all those who are less fortunate then us, including those sleeping on the streets this Christmas, battling terminal illness and those spending Christmas alone or in abusive relationships. We urge that everyone take a moment to reflect and do their part in helping those less fortunate.

On behalf of the National Legal Service, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a positive and successful New year.


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