Police Station Reps

Our reps are highly experienced and will begin by taking the time to understand more about your individual case before guiding you on the best way to proceed.

Experienced Police Station Representation

Being accused of a crime is extremely stressful and can mark the beginning of what is a very uncertain, worrying time for yourself and your loved ones. National Legal Service’s experienced police station reps will do everything possible to make the process more bearable with clear headed representation when you need us most.

Should you be arrested and accused of a crime, you may be entitled to legal aid support. We believe everyone has the right to the best legal advice possible and we bring together a multidisciplinary team of experienced solicitors who are here to help you understand the crime you are accused of and assist you as you navigate any upcoming legal procedures.

Every client at the National Legal Service is treated with the utmost respect and understanding at each stage. Our empathetic and caring approach allows us to support our clients throughout the legal process, providing the clarity you need to achieve the best outcome, whatever your circumstances.

How can National Legal Service police station reps help you?

Police station reps are your first line of defence when accused of a crime and held in police custody. While our solicitors can also assist you if the case makes its way to court, a police station duty solicitor is there to talk you through your options and discover more about the case in the first instance.

Frequently, police station reps attend police meetings and interviews when clients are questioned. Our police station reps can help you to understand your rights and prevent incriminating behaviour or statements when undergoing questioning.

In this regard, police station representation is an essential part of the legal process for those who are accused of a crime, as it can prevent subsequent legal action and court cases. In essence, your National Legal Service police station rep provides you with the legal help you need right from the very start.

Our reps are highly experienced and will begin by taking the time to understand more about your individual case before guiding you on the best way to proceed. We will talk to you one-to-one and provide tailored advice, with the intention of securing the best result for you in your specific circumstances.

What if I can’t afford a solicitor?

Police station reps can be provided by the legal aid system in the United Kingdom. This support is available on a case-by-case basis after a careful assessment of your needs and means. All enquiries are private and confidential.

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Should you find yourself accused of a crime and in need of legal expertise in a police station setting, contact the National Legal Service to find out more about police station reps. Call 0203 601 5051 to talk to us.

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