National Legal Service Solicitors ensure charges are discontinued against victim of modern day slavery

National Legal Service Solicitors ensure charges are discontinued against victim of modern day slavery

Joe Davis received instructions to deal with a case involving the transportation of drugs into prison.  Offences of this nature are very serious and will most frequently result in a custodial sentence if convicted of the offence.

Having pleaded guilty in Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court our client’s case was deemed too serious and was subsequently sent to Kingston Crown Court for sentencing.  Experienced barristers were instructed to deal with the case and worked tirelessly alongside Joe to understand more about our client’s personal circumstances in the lead up to the alleged offence.

After lengthy criminal proceedings it became very apparent that our client was a victim of modern-day slavery.  We took advantage of the new National Referral Mechanism procedure, which allows cases to be referred to the National Crime Agency and other associated public bodies where there is evidence of modern-day slavery or people trafficking.  As a result of this referral a report was presented to the court and the Crown Prosecution Service to advise that our client was indeed a victim of modern-day slavery.

At this point the Crown Prosecution Service had the option to either drop the charges against our client, or continue with the prosecution.  Initially the prosecution decided to continue with the case against our client, however after National Legal Service Solicitors made numerous representations to the prosecution that it was not in the interests of justice to proceed, the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the case. Our client having had no previous convictions before this case remains of good character.

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