Merseyside Police release advice for victims of domestic abuse concerned about staying at home

Merseyside Police release advice for victims of domestic abuse concerned about staying at home

The domestic violence lockdown is worrying Merseyside Police who are now encouraging everyone to become familiar with options within the 999 system. If people are not free to speak but are able to make a noise or press 55, it alerts the BT operator to the fact that you need help and they can then connect to the police.

For example, if you can only make a noise such as tapping the handset, coughing, crying or even talking to the offender, then these actions will alert the attention of the BT operator.

Mark Groves, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Domestic Violence, comments on the initiative:

During these extremely difficult times, we need victims of domestic abuse to be aware of every initiative that is available to help them. Many victims cannot speak on the phone or even use an app for fear of reprisals from their abuser, but if they can make a covert call to alert the police they are in danger this could save lives.

Katha Lunt, experienced domestic abuse lawyer from our Liverpool branch, comments:

The message from Merseyside Police is clear. Protection from domestic violence remains a priority during these difficult times.  Domestic Violence helplines are reporting a significant increase in telephone calls and visitors to their websites. With the country on lockdown, there is a real risk those suffering domestic violence will feel they have no access to protective measures, at a time when they are being required to spend more and more time with the perpetrator of their abuse. We must ensure the message is received by those who require protection from domestic abuse; help is still available.

Since the government’s restriction on all but essential travel, steps have been taken within the Justice System to ensure people continue to have access to urgent protective orders including Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders.  Here at National Legal Service Solicitors Liverpool, whilst working from home over the past three weeks, we have continued to issue such urgent Court applications and represent my clients at remote telephone Hearings, ensuring there is no delay in securing much-needed Court Orders. Access to protection from domestic violence remains available, and we must ensure that message is conveyed. My Team and I continue to work remotely to ensure those who require urgent legal representation have access to such.

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