Divorce and Separation

If your marriage has lasted for more than one year, there are five conditions that the courts can consider justification for divorce. If your spouse has satisfied just one on these conditions, then you can petition for divorce. These conditions are: -

  1. Adultery.
  2. Unreasonable behaviour.
  3. Two years’ separation on the basis of your spouse’s agreement.
  4. Five years’ separation.
  5. Desertion on the basis of your spouse having left you for over two years.

The process of a petition can take up to 6 months to complete in divorce proceedings in cases where there are no financial issues between you and your estranged spouse.

Resolving financial matters in divorce law can slow down the divorce process; in many cases it can take up to a year to complete the process and possibly longer in complex cases.

Clear, concise advice will make a world of difference and ensure the process is completed as quickly and painlessly as possible.