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Dealing with the emotional turmoil following a relationship breakdown poses enough challenges, but when children are involved there can be additional stresses, especially if a mutual child custody (“arrangements”) agreement cannot be amicably reached between parents themselves.

Typical child arrangement agreements see both parents sharing the time they spend with the child/ren of the family.  There will usually be one home which will stand as the child’s main home address and then specific times and days for the child to live with/spend time with the other parent. In situations where an amicable agreement cannot be made, professional and tailored up-to-date legal advice to identify possible living arrangements is the best route forwards.  

We know that reaching the best outcome for your child or children is the most important consideration, and so it is also our number one priority. With every child custody case we take, the best possible outcome for the child is the one we strive to reach.

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The Head of Family Department at our London legal practice is Kirsty Richards, an accredited member of the Law Society’s Children Panel. She specialises in public children’s law, representing both children, parents, and guardians. She holds a wealth of legal knowledge in the arena of private children law issues, along with in-depth expertise across other, related areas of family law.

Alongside Kirsty, we have five other dedicated teams made up of lawyers recognised in their fields, on hand to offer comprehensive support, legal advice, and timely solutions to ensure the best possible outcome for your family.

We also offer mediation for parents who are disputing child arrangements, and child maintenance and support payments. Despite some exceptions, most courts view the preferable outcome based on the best interests of the child the contact between both parents is maintained. Therefore, our experienced team can aid in forming an amicable agreement through family mediation sessions with our empathetic and understanding professionals.

If you and your ex-partner are struggling to agree on child custody terms, it is best to contact a child custody solicitor as soon as possible to prevent the relationship from deteriorating further. Legal representation ensures a fair agreement that works for you and, more importantly, your child, can be reached.

Our offices are conveniently situated in the heart of London near Liverpool Street, so are easily accessible to everyone in the city. Get in touch today to appoint one of our expert child custody solicitors London by contacting our team on 020 3601 505.

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