National Legal Service Solicitors prevents extradition of vulnerable victim of domestic abuse

National Legal Service Solicitors prevents extradition of vulnerable victim of domestic abuse

Noam Almaz and Sarah Moulange instructed Saorise Townshend of The 36 Group,  to appear in an appeal against extradition to Sweden. The client was a single mother of two teenagers, who fled Sweden in an attempt to escape her abusive husband. Sweden’s response was to issue a European Arrest Warrant, seeking her return to stand trial for ‘child abduction’.  Her children only wanted to remain with our client and did not want any contact with their father.

At National Legal Service Solicitors,  we realise that there is often good reason people come to the UK, even if that journey places them at risk of extradition proceedings.

Sarah and Noam worked tirelessly to demonstrate to the Court that the Client had left Sweden for good reason and with only the interests of her two children in mind. They collated evidence to show the devastating impact the break-up of the family would have on the two teenagers. The case was unsuccessful at the first instance, with the Judge finding that it would be fair to return the mother to Sweden, leaving her two teenagers to potentially go into care.

However, on appeal, following months of preparation and with the assistance of Saorise Townshend, the High Court was persuaded that it would be deeply unfair to separate the children from their mother and granted our client’s appeal, notwithstanding the serious allegations our client faced in Sweden.

Extradition proceedings can be very difficult for clients and their families.  It is therefore vital to have expert by your side every step of the way. Our extradition lawyers are each recognised as experts in the field.  With many years of practice between them, they are renowned for winning cases, even against the steepest odds.

So, if you face extradition proceedings, or think you may have to in the future, please call us on 0203 601 5051 to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert solicitors.

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