Aa’ishah Sattar

Aa’ishah Sattar

Roles & Interests

I am a Family solicitor working for National Legal Services. I aid clients in obtaining non-molestation orders to help vulnerable individuals to gain the required protection from the court. I am able to conduct my own advocacy in the magistrates and district judge level. I have also had the chance to work on private law children cases and resolved disputes between parents over contact issues.

I also have experience of representing clients, who are subject to care proceedings by the local authority. I have completed many interim care orders previously through contested and non-contested hearings.

Life Before NLS

Before starting NLS I was working for a local law firm in Birmingham . My caseload was mainly care proceedings, however I also worked on divorce matters. I completed my training contract at a west London law firm, in which I developed a interest in Family Law such as non-molestation and occupations orders, prohibited steps order, divorce and finance proceedings and private children proceedings.

I completed my seats in the followings areas, civil litigation, property, immigration, employment, criminal law and family law.

Before successful completion of my degree, I was lucky enough to have secured an internship in partnership with Amicus at Oklahoma’s public defenders office. I assisted on death row cases and helped attorneys to make important decisions on how to proceed each case to trial.

Fun Fact

I used to be a professional model.

Education & Professional Memberships

  • Completed Law Degree at Birmingham City University
  • Completed Professional Practice at University of West London.
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