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Divorce is not an easy time for anyone; it is also a time for you to consider how you will part ways having financial security for you and your children, which can lead to a happier life for both individual. In order to reach a fair financial settlement, the paramount consideration is any children of the family and ensuring they have the appropriate financial provisions available to them.

There may be resistance on either side, or disputes over the financial assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage. If you find yourself at an impasse and need expert assistance to agree fair divorce financial settlements, our family solicitors can assist.

Working with us.

We draw on many years of combined experience handling issues surrounding divorce and separation. It’s our overall aim to guide you towards a financial settlement which is fair and representative. It is especially important to keep things amicable when children are involved, something which can be difficult when assets and finances are at stake.

Our approach uses respect and reason, coupled with legal expertise to move discussions forward as smoothly as possible. We’ll carefully review the individual circumstances of each case and work with you and your former spouse to agree mutually acceptable terms. Our area of expertise is in family law, and we have worked on a number of high-profile cases in this space, giving extensive understanding of the legal precedents in this field.

How can we help you obtain a fair divorce financial settlement?

We pride ourselves on being honest and open with our clients, and we always work in your best interest. We will be clear and upfront on the realistic outcome of your case so you can plan accordingly and will work to get you the best outcome financially from the separation.

An important factor when handling financial settlements in a divorce is the emotional side of things. We know that it is not always easy to separate feelings from practicality when ending a marriage and will be on hand to discuss your case with a very human touch.

Instead of adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach to divorce and family law, we always strive to know the person behind the case, which we believe helps us to achieve better outcomes for our clients and helps us guide them to the best plan of action, regardless of the size of financial settlement under discussion.

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