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The breakdown of a relationship is never easy, especially if children are also involved. National Legal Team’s accomplished divorce solicitors in Guildford, led by our supervising solicitor, Fatimah Iqbal, are on hand to provide understanding, impartial and expert legal advice to help you navigate this challenging period.

"I found the staff at National Legal Service to be kind, caring and compassionate. They have always answered questions promptly and within a way that was easy for me to understand."

Fatimah is an experienced divorce lawyer in Surrey and the South East of England who provides a professional service to all her cases involving divorce and separation. National Legal Service can guide you through a wide range of matters related to divorce and separations, as well as dealing with the legal side of the dissolution of marriage. Services include:

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Under the current family law framework, there are five conditions under which you can petition for a divorce, including adultery and unreasonable behaviour. A straightforward petition can take around six months to process but, if there are complications such as disagreements around financial support and child living arrangements, this time frame can be increased significantly. It’s for this reason that trusted, experienced and clear legal representation is essential.

Our multicultural team works with individuals and families across the city of Guildford and beyond in the wider county of Surrey with a collaborative, non-confrontational approach to divorce. We appreciate the sensitive nature of the divorce process and know that it can be an extremely stressful, painful time.

Fatimah and her team understand the complexities of family law and the intricacies of the divorce process. We always advocate for discussion and offer mediation to ensure all discussions remain amicable and fair wherever possible.  Your National Legal Service divorce solicitor will handle all matters relating to the separation on your behalf. All discussions are undertaken in the strictest confidence and handled with compassion and empathy.

If you’d like to find out more about appointing National Legal Service’s divorce solicitors in Guildford to handle your divorce and related matters of family law, request a consultation with us online or call 020 3601 5051. Our office is well connected with the public transport network and can be found on Guildford Business Park Road.  

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