Separation Agreements

Legal Advice for Separation Agreement Matters

Having a separation agreement is a clear, mutually agreed manner of deciding on certain details relating to the breakup of the relationship with your partner or spouse. This may be a person you have children with, or it may not – but a separation agreement will help to ensure that potential practical issues are dealt with fairly.

The separation agreement could detail where children will be living for example and if you’ll share custody. It could also include the division of financial assets and belongings which you once shared, as well as helping to decide where each party will live and how you will pay off any outstanding bills.

Some of these are factors which are rarely considered in the first instance during a breakup, but they are nonetheless essential considerations to keep things amicable and as stress free as possible.

The right legal team will talk you through our options and never push for you to decide on a plan of action until you are ready. They will also be willing to discuss each option in detail.

How can the National Legal Service help?

Our expert team of solicitors are experienced in all areas of family law, including separation agreements. Bringing many years of knowledge and practical experience to this specialist area, we can help you to work together to remove friction and move forward fairly at what may well be a distressing time.

In the case of a separation agreement, it is important that any disputes remain civil and amenable, helping both parties to negotiate the separation as swiftly and efficiently as possible. Your National Legal Service family solicitor is on hand to ensure this is the case.

In many instances, it may be the first time a client has had to hire legal assistance, and we are always keen to ensure that our clients are in full possession of the facts. As well as being highly experienced, our team also have both a regional and a national focus, with offices across the UK ensuring that you’ll always be able to reach us.

What if I can’t afford a solicitor?

If you can’t afford legal representation, then you may be eligible for assistance via the legal aid system in the UK. This helps ensure that everyone has access to expert legal guidance and representation, regardless of their circumstances.

In order to qualify, you will have to meet a series of key criteria, and all cases are assessed on an individual basis. Legal aid does not always cover all of the costs of a case and may require partial payment or repayment.

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