Pre-proceedings Meetings & PLO- What Should I Expect?

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If a local authority is involved with your family, you will have a social worker assigned to work with you and your child/ren. There are different levels of social work intervention before court proceedings and these include PLO Meetings, child protection plans and child in need plans. The Public Law Outline (PLO) is the final […]

Expert public order defence strategy prevents criminal conviction

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Sarah Moulange and Noam Almaz acted for J, a young man who was involved in an altercation with the staff in his building and was subsequently charged with a Public Order Offence. J accepted that his behaviour, although out of character, was unacceptable. He was surprised when, after his police station case (where he was […]

Care Proceedings & Social Services Legal Advice

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In case the Local Authority’s Social Services Department become involved with your family, we can help you through all stages of the investigations. Sheena Donlon, Head of Care answers some frequently asked questions regarding care matters & social services What type of court orders can be made regarding children? If the Local Authority applies to […]

Legal Aid at 70

On 30 July 1949, the Legal Aid and Advice Act received royal assent. The act ensured that people on low incomes were represented in the civil and criminal justice system. Originally, its reach was almost universal with 80% of British people eligible. But as the years went by legal aid went away, with eligibility dropping […]